Light in the darkness: Why you'll see Christmas lights in March

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OZARK, Mo. -- With the coronavirus on everyone’s mind, Nancy Clark in Ozark told her husband she wanted to spread a different message.

“I want to put up the Christmas lights,” Clark said, “I wanted something positive, And I wanted to light the way to better days ahead.”

In El Dorado Springs, Chelsea and Justin Jacobs spent several hours putting up their own display.

“We wanted to show some unity and support for our country,” Justin said.

Their display, an American flag covering their entire roof, complete with a red, white and blue star.

“We see quite a few people come by every night,” Justin said.

Neither couple is planning on taking down these lights anytime soon.

“Once everything is back to whatever we consider normal,” Clark said.

They are hoping others join in with lighting the darkness, even if it means just turning on the porch lights.

“You have a choice of how you react to this. You can either say, everything’s bad, or, what’s good about today? Clark said.

The Jacobs family said, with the panic buying and people rushing to the store, they are thankful the lights have inspired their daughters to find the positive in every situation.

They hope their message of hope, prompts people to come together during this difficult time. They also want people to slow down, enjoy the extra time with family, and jump at the opportunity to help those in need in the community.

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