Leigh's Lost and Found: the amazing rescue of a feral dog living by a truck stop for a year!

In our Leigh's Lost and Found today, a success story that took more than a year to achieve.

A very scared stray was living in a field by a truck stop in Conway, Missouri. It took a lot of time and patience, but she finally was trapped.

Talk about a turnaround. The dog named Ruth now happily running around with her new doggy friend, was in a much different situation just two months ago. She was scared to death and on her own at a truck stop off I-44.

"You could only throw food to her basically."

Volunteer rescuer Kameron Richerson along with veteran dog trapper Richard Morrison and fellow rescuer Joyce Brooks, worked together to get Ruth out of this desperate situation.

They set a humane trap and spent many long nights over many months, hoping she'd take the bait.

Kameron says, "we attempted that twice with no success, she didn't even show up to the trap."

But their last try in late July finally did the trick.

"Richard, Joyce and I went up for two nights. Second night she took the bait and it was just heart stopping when she took the bait."

Rescue One foster Mallory Dunbar says, "I was really following along and I knew as soon as she was trapped that I wanted a part in this, that I had to play a part in this somehow."

Dunbar took Ruth in and was thrilled to see Ruth fit in with her other dogs right away.

"We got her inside and it's like a switch flipped and she was a totally different dog, jumping around and giving all the dogs kisses, loving on all of us. And she ended up sleeping on the couch with me that night."

They're still working on leash and other skills but Ruth is a quick learner

"Ultimate goal is for her to be comfortable in just about any environment we can put her in."

And everyone involved in her rescue is hoping to find this once feral dog a forever home,though saying goodbye to this special pup, won't be easy.

"My heart is going to be crushed. It really will be. But she's precious. I know that she's going to make somebody really happy."

If you're interested in finding out more about Ruth or adopting her when she's ready, you can fill out an online adoption application on the Rescue One website.