Leigh's Lost and Found: featuring a lost Heeler mix found with a blue collar on

In my Leigh's Lost and Found today, we're featuring a lost Heeler mix who has been demonstrating her herding skills at animal control since she was picked up by them.

"She's in with a dog right now who's a little bit more sad about being at the shelter, so she just herds him around the kennel. A person that found her thought they might have known the owner but didn't know where they lived and we haven't been able to make contact with anyone."

Shelter coordinator Josh Doss thinks the three to four year old female dog is mixed with possibly a Corgi since she has shorter legs and is a little smaller than a pure bred Heeler.

She was found in the 2900 block of west High Street. She did have a blue collar on when she was picked up so someone has been taking care of her. Unfortunately, there was no tag or chip.

If you recognize today's featured dog, or if you've lost a pet, call animal control at 417-833-3592.

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