Leigh's Lost and Found: featuring a Black Lab/Doberman mix found at a local flea market

in today's leigh's lost and found report, we're featuring a friendly black lab mix who was found at a local flea market.
here's leigh moody with more.

This happy girl has some distinctive markings that animal control hopes will help them get her back home.

"She's got the slighter frame and the color patterns that make us thing she's part Doberman Pinscher. She's got a little bit of brown around her muzzle and her and legs and she has that kind of think frame that doberman's have."
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Animal control picked the female dog up at the Riker's Flea Markt in the 1100 block of south Grant on January 25th. They think she's about three to four years old based on the wear on her teeth. At first, she looks a little skinny like she's been running for awhile, but shelter coordinator Joss Doss thinks that's just the Dobie in her. She didnt' have anything on her to identify her but he's pretty sure she has a home since she is incredibly friendly and social with both dogs and people.

"We didn't have to chase her, she came right up to the officer who picked her up."