Leigh's Lost and Found: The desperate search for this missing dog being transported through Springfield

In our Leigh's lost and found today, the desperate search for a German Shepherd that got loose in Springfield while being transported to her new home.

A lot of people are searching for Sadie. After losing her beloved owner, a military veteran, to cancer, she'd finally found a new home in Wisconsin. But she only made it about halfway before running off.

The story of Sadie is all over the Leigh's Lost and Found facebook page. Her owner, former Navy Corpsman Jack Kinney rescued her five years ago after fighting off cancer.

"He went into remission and he got Sadie, they kind of saved each other more or less.

Kinney's sister, Karen Teague, says unfortunately, the cancer came back and Jack died last November at age 34.

"We thought the responsible thing to do was to find her a good home that could take care of her like she needs, to be indoors and not stuck outside in the heat."

Karen posted about Sadie on facebook and found a wonderful family in Wisconsin willing to adopt her. The transport charity Pets Going Place,s offered to get here there from Texas.

On the way, they stopped in Springfield on July 25.

"They stopped at Nichols park to get them some water, stretch their legs and Sadie is a strong dog and she just pulled away. She just ran and ran and ran from what I understand."

The transport team looked for hours and Karen and one of their team members even traveled back to Springfield a week later.

"I went back up there a couple of weekends ago with one of the ladies from the transport team and we searched that entire neighborhood, all over that park and there was just so sign of her."

She's hoping the hundreds of reposts and shares Sadie's story is getting on the Lost and Found page will help finally find her.

"Everyone's just amazed at how sweet and kind everyone has been, searching for this dog."

Karen says Sadie may be stressed and hiding out or she's been picked up by someone who doesn't know her story. Either way, she just wants an answer.

"I just hope if she is somewhere, that they're taking care of her and they love her. If we find her I'd like to see her go up to Wisconsin. But if Sadie finds a home that she wants, then I'm good. I just want to know that she's okay. "

If you see Sadie, contact the humane society or animal control or you can post a sighting on the Leigh's Lost and Found facebook page.