Leigh's Lost and Found: The desperate need for cat fosters to help a local rescue

Last week in our Leigh's Lost and Found report, we featured a local cat rescue that helps with emergency vet bills..

Now that rescue needs your help and your time. Volunteer fosters for rescued kittens help keep Watching Over Whiskers running, and saving lives.

"This is Kentucky and this is Owen"
Playing surrogate dad comes easily to cat lover Mike Pruett.

He's already dad to three cats saved by the Watching over Whiskers rescue several years ago.

So when an urgent call for a foster home for a couple of weeks old abandoned kittens came up, he answered.

"The need came up, we got called and we couldn't say no."

As a first time foster, Mike had a learning curve, but he says WOW makes it easy for fosters to be successful.

"They provide what you need so if you need a pen, they'll provide you with food, the toys if you need them. You just need a little space where you can put them and they're secure."

Under Mike's care, these little guys have gone from pretty feral to pretty chill. And watching them grow strong is just one of the rewards.

"We feel like we're doing something good for the kittens and for the community. You find out what a problem abandoned pets and animals and ferals are, and if you can even make a little dent, then you've helped the situation."

That problem is big, with four to five times more cats and kittens needing foster homes than there are available.

"They like being held."

Mike is hoping his happy experience will spur others to open their homes and hearts as well to give cats like Kentucky and Owen a chance at a forever home.

"They'e ready to go to someone that's just going to hold them and hang out with them."

If you'd like to find out more about fostering for WOW, click on the related link to their website and facebook page.