Leigh's Lost and Found- One thing to do before you get a dog to help ensure it doesn't run away!

In today's Leigh's Lost and Found report, you can help ensure your dog doesn't run away and get lost, *before* you even bring it home.

Before you head to a shelter or a reputable breeder to find a new pet, you need to educate yourself about breeds.

The Springfield Animal Advocacy Foundation has teamed up with local dog trainer Jim Dorris to teach responsible pet ownership classes.

Dorris says too many people choose animals based only on their looks or size or because they grew up with a certain breed.

He says you need to consider your lifestyle now, how much time you can commit and which breed fits best with how you live.

When families choose a breed that's known for running or needing a lot of exercise and engagement and the dog doesn't get that, they can get anxious and want to escape.

"A lot of people make the mistake of getting their 80 year old parents a German Shepherd or getting a dog like a Border Collie or a high driver working dog and living in an apartment. They really need to research the dog breed, what kind of an outlet do they need?"

Once you get that perfect breed, make sure you get it microchipped and have a collar and tags with your contact information

Getting a dog fixed can also cut down on their desire to run and escape.

If you'd like to find out more about responsible pet ownership classes or sign up for dog training classes, you can contact Jim Dorris at K-9 Concepts of Southwest Missouri.