Lebanon is looking to make it illegal for pedestrians to cross busy roads if they are not in a crosswalk

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LEBANON, Mo Safer streets in the city of Lebanon. That's what police officers there hope to make a reality with the help of a new ordinance.

The proposal would make it illegal for anyone to cross a busy city street anywhere other than a crosswalk.

The ordinance was submitted by Randy Halstead, the Chief of Police in Lebanon.

The ordinance aims to prevent people from illegally crossing the city's main roads. Those streets have a speed limit of at least 35 miles per hour and/or have 15,000 vehicles drive it per day.

Robert Dierks says that jaywalking is an issue in town. ​"Everyday. It don't matter what time of day it is. You see them even at night dart across the road." said Dierks.

He sees the most dangerous darting in and out of traffic along Jefferson Avenue.

"During the day it creates a lot of hazards during the day especially around 3:30 or 4 o'clock when all of the factories in town let out." said Dierks. "It is mayhem on these streets, and add pedestrians to that... someone is going to get hurt."

According to the city of Lebanon, since 2013 there have been 18 injury accidents involving pedestrians. 11 of them were on the main roads, with one of them resulting in death.

But Dierks believes that there are other solutions to the problem.

"You have got a lot of traffic here and hardly any crosswalks. No places to cross here on Jefferson, and not really on Elm either. There are not enough crosswalks in this town." Dierks said.

Other people we spoke with shared his concerns about the number of crosswalks on the busy roads.

​We asked Dierks if he was for or against the ordinance, and his feelings were mixed.

"I agree people shouldn't cross the roads unless there is a crosswalk. So they really need to make more walks for people to cross." said Dierks.

And he believes even if the ordinance is passed, it won't solve the problem.

"I figure there will still be some that still dart across the road." said Dierks.

Others said it will only work if it is enforced strictly.

The ordinance had its first reading at Monday night's city council meeting. It will be read again and voted on February 25th.

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