Lawn care companies see a boost in business plowing parking lots in Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. Monday's blast of snow across the Ozarks is a much needed boost for one local industry.

Lawn care companies that are usually out of work during this time are working to keep you safe.

"We do a lot more work when the weather becomes like this," said Jeff Brannock with Turf Tamers.

Mike Crawford with Lawn Masters, "It's been a long time since we've been able to plow. Last year we didn't plow."

Many companies were getting ready days early for the winter blast.

"I've averaged, probably, three hours of sleep a night between just preparation, salting, just checking the lots," said Brannock.

The snowfall was a welcome sight for lawn care companies often struggling to make ends meet during the winter season.

"We all have to fill a void. Even the bigger companies, excavation, dirt work companies. When it's frozen and its winter time, you got to do something," said Brannock.

These drivers are in high demand.

Crawford said, "People that don't have anybody to push snow so they're calling us."

"You got to be able to get those places open and clear and safe for people to come and visit that business. It's the life blood in the city," said Brannock.

The work doesn't end once the asphalt is cleared.

"The temperature's dropping so if, with a little bit of snow in the parking lot and if it refreezes, it's going to be slippery tomorrow. We have to put a little salt down," said Crawford.

Many companies double back to check their work.

Brannock said, "Typically I'm here at 11, midnight. That's when all these cars will leave this lot so that I can finish cleaning up for tomorrow and put salt done."

The small army of lawn care snow plows are doing their part to keep you safe.

"It's a pretty important job," said Brannock.

Crawford said, "It makes you feel a little more valuable."