Law enforcement helps present physical evidence in Greene County death penalty case

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. The trial of a former teacher's aide and coach, charged with an unthinkable crime that still haunts Springfield continued Tuesday.

Craig Wood faces the death penalty if he's convicted of first degree murder for killing 10 year-old Hailey Owens.

Prosecutors called on law enforcement as they presented a mountain of physical evidence they collected during their investigation.

"He seemed like Craig Wood," said longtime friend and coworker, Gary Turner.

Greene County Prosecutor, Dan Patterson asked, "Did you notice anything out of the ordinary?"

"No sir," replied Turner.

Wood seemed normal to Turner, on the day he's accused of kidnapping, raping, sodomizing and killing Owens. That was until Patterson showed him pictures of young girls Wood had in his possession.

"I'm taking out some photographs here," Patterson told Turner.

Turner said, "They went to school at P.V."

Springfield Police called in every available officer to help search for Haliey when she disappeared.

{SOT - Sgt. Todd King/SPRINGFIELD POLICE} "Behind the business, over fences," said Sgt. Todd King.

Teams of two officers walked up and down every block near north Glenstone until they found the clothes Owens was wearing in a dumpster behind a strip mall.

"After we completed the search there we actually went south from that location, approximately another mile, mile and a half," King said.

The FBI was called in from the Kansas City bureau to help with the investigation.

"We packed our bags and headed to Springfield from the Kansas City office to help," said Special Agent Brian Pickens.

Their team of experts helped Springfield Police gather evidence at multiple crime scenes across the east side of town.

Evidence, including the blue tub where police found Hailey's body, was shown in court.

Hailey's mother, Stacy Herman also took the stand today. We were not able to get her testimony on camera at her request to the court.

She was told the jury about the last time she saw her daughter and was remarkably strong.

Wednesday, the prosecutions case will continue.