Last public meeting for redeveloping Galloway Village in Springfield draws large crowd

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. The future of a unique Springfield neighborhood is still uncertain.

After more than a year of contentious debate, the final public meeting on the redevelopment of Galloway Village was held Tuesday night.

"It's really going much further away from that village look and feel than any of us I think we’re prepared for," said president of the Galloway Village Association, Marcie Kirkup.

It's why many people living in Galloway Village say they want future development to slow down.

"One of the big misperception is that we are against developers and that couldn't be further from the truth. We want to make sure that we don't outgrow the infrastructure that's in place, that we don't outpace what our neighborhood can absorb," said Kirkup

Quarry Town, a mixed-use development sits at the end of Lone Pine.

People who live by Sequiota Park refer to the area as urban sprawl. It's a combination of apartments, retail and restaurants they say is taking over their neighborhood and taking away from the feel of nature.

"People love nature. They love the space that's in Galloway. That is unique to Springfield," said Kirkup.

In an effort to come up with a compromise, the city is serving as the middle man between developers and neighbors.

"We want to see continued growth and prosperity in the community but we also want to see the neighborhoods preserved as well," said Springfield's Director of Planning and Development, Mary Smith.

She is working to get everyone involved on the same page.

"There has been a lot of great development that has occurred in the Lone Pine area but with it has brought some concerns from the neighborhood about whether it happened too quickly and whether our infrastructure can handle it. Those are kind of the balancing acts that we are trying to juggle right now," said Smith.

"We want to make sure that the tranquility of the village is preserved. That the eclectic character that makes the village really unique is preserved," said Kirkup.

Planning recommendations for the future of Galloway Village will be presented to city council at the end July.