Greene County deputies arrest man wanted in thefts in Laclede County

LACLEDE COUNTY, Mo.-- A man who police say are responsible for stealing more than $80,000 worth of items in the past month near the Lebanon, Mo. area is behind bars.

Robert Nyman, 36, was caught by Greene County deputies during what they say was another burglary.

Laclede County Sheriffs Office says at the time of arrest Nyman was carrying a firearm along with 30-grams of methamphetamine.

Brad Reed is the homeowner of one of the residences police believe Robert Nyman burglarized while on his stealing spree. On June 19th, Reed says Nyman came to his home in the afternoon thinking no one would be home. Nyman found that Reed's wife was home. Nyman told her he was interested in buying the boat on his property.

Reed's wife saw Nyman leave her property, but moments later she left too. Reed said Nyman came right back to his property stealing his trailer and four wheeler.

He says things can be replaced, but Nyman robbed them of some irreplaceables.

"What's really bad is he robbed of us our security, every time a dog barks, we are up with flashlights looking to make sure no one is on our property," said Reed.

And while Laclede County Sheriff David Millsap says their prime suspect has been arrested and some of the $60,000 worth of equipment he stole from the Lebanon Rural Fire District has been recovered, he doesn't believe Nyman acted alone.

"There is other people involved in this that have helped him move property, probably have been with him on several of these burglaries so we are far from being complete on all of this," said Sheriff Millsap.

Brad says he is looking into security cameras. but for now is using a gaming camera to watch his property.

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