LIVE BLOG: Craig Wood Sentencing Phase, day 2

The jury reached a verdict after one hour of deliberations. The judge announced the jury finds Craig Wood guilty of first degree murder in the death of 10 year old Hailey Owens at about noon Thursday. Now, the sentencing phase of the trial begins.
11:18 Court in recess until 8:30 Monday morning.

10:54 Father Mike McDevitt talks to the jury on Wood's behalf. He first met Jim Wood at Springfield Catholic High School when he was on the school board and Jim Wood was a teacher. He first met Craig Wood when he was a child at camp.

He explains that Wood told him that the first few months in jail after the murder were hard for him. He started to realize what the horrible thing he had done and that he had nightmares, seeing the Hailey's autopsy photos were hard on him.

Fr. McDevitt says Wood knows the ways of Christianity well.

10:20 After a brief recess, court resumes. The defense calls Wood's mother, Regina Faye Craig Wood to talk about her son. She says that during their visits she tries to help him maintain his spirituality and faith.

9:38 Will Kilborn, Wood's longtime friend talks about how devastated Wood was when his longtime girlfriend broke up with him when she went away to college and that he never really dated anyone long term since. Kilborn calls Wood a functioning alcoholic.

Kilborn say he is still trying to cope with what happened. He has some anger and goes back and forth about if he will maintain his friendship with Wood.

9:22 Corp. Jeff Wright, Greene County Sheriff's deputy, correction officer in the jail, tells the jury that Wood has violated rules by 'cheeking' medication. They believe he was saving up his medication to later commit suicide. Wright confirms that Wood has been segregated from the other inmates the entire time he's been behind bars for safety reasons.

8:30 Court ready to resume testimony on behalf of Craig Wood.

8:57 Wood's friend, Dorn Morris, tells jury that Wood was heavily using marijuana and meth about 6 to 7 months before the murder.