KY3 BUDDY CHECK 3 WEB EXCLUSIVE: How to perform a breast self-exam

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- KY3's Buddy Check 3 is a joint partnership between KY3, The Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks, and Mercy and Cox Hospitals. We're urging our viewers to find a buddy to contact on the third of each month to remind each other to do a breast self-exam. It's the first line of defense that could help save a life.

Dr. Kristy McCall, OBGYN with CoxHealth says she often hears women say they don't know what they're looking for during a breast self-exam. The short answer to that is any change in your breast. You find changes when you know what "normal" feels like. You learn what is normal for your breast by self-exams performed once a month at the same time of the month. Dr. McCall reviews what a typical breast self-exam should include.

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