K9 officers show off skills at demonstration in Branson

Branson, Mo. -- Some hard-working officers showed off their skills during a special demonstration in Branson on Tuesday.

K-9 officers and their handlers work side-by-side everyday.

"It's a lot of work. It's a lot of patience," Deputy Cory Fossum said.

Deputy Fossum is from Wisconsin. He was one of many officers from across the nation to attend the demonstration at Silver Dollar City's Law Enforcement Day.

"For a lot of years, the K-9 world has been a mystery to civilians. Unless you're the trainer or a handler, a lot of civilians or a lot of people in the community don't know what dogs do," Deputy James Craigmyle, at the Greene County Sheriff's Department, said.

However, the demonstration was not only about showing off everything that police dogs like Lore with Greene County can do, but also to explain how the dogs help keep communities safe.

"Some dogs find drugs. They find missing kids and missing adults. They bite bad people," Deputy Craigmyle said.

While officers say every police dog is a vital part of the department, their individual talents and some commands are different.
"I know there are a lot of similarities based on the training that we go to but it's always fun to see and meet handlers from other parts of the country" Deputy Fossum said.

However, no matter where they are the dogs' number one job is to protect communities.

"They're huge. Their role and their importance, they can reduce man hours. A good K-9 team, the handler and the dog, can reduce man-hours in searching for weapons or evidence that's been tossed, missing kids, or suspects that have taken off from law enforcement," Deputy Craigmyle said.

The dogs also always work to keep their human partners safe.

"The dogs follow whatever the handler does and are always watching their back and never take their eyes off the handler," Jarrod Fossum, Deputy Fossom's son, said.

Deputy Craigmyle also said he is appreciative to Silver Dollar City for hosting the event and allowing officers to enter the part for free on Tuesday during National Law Enforcement Week.

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