Judge sentences Springfield man to year in jail in deadly crash killing elementary student

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- A Greene County judge sentenced a Springfield man to one year in jail for driving without a license when he hit and killed a young boy on a sidewalk.

Lonnie Yeager pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor of driving without a license. It was his second offense. Prosecutors dropped all other charges filed against him.

The crash happened in September 2017. Police say Yeager was behind the wheel when he had a seizure and hit and killed Riddick Tudor, 10, outside Campbell Elementary in Springfield. The crash also injured four others on the sidewalk.

At the time of the crash, Yeager did not have a valid Missouri driver's license. Greene County Prosecutor Dan Patterson said during the investigation he could not file a manslaughter charge because there was no admissible evidence Yeager had been driving after recent seizures. Yeager's attorney Bert Twibell argued the crash was strictly an accident, regarded legally as Yeager having no control over it.

Judge Mark Powell ordered Yeager to report to the Greene County Jail Monday.

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