Japan Foreign Ministry condemns attack on tanker

This June 13, 2019 false-color image from the European Commission's Sentinel-2 satellite that was processed by Sinergise's Sentinel Hub website shows the Norwegian-owned MT Front Altair ablaze with smoke rising from it in the Gulf of Oman after what the U.S. described as a limpet mine attack by Iran. Iran has denied being involved in the incident. The white light in the image is the sun being reflected off the waters of the Gulf of Oman. (European Commission via AP)

Japanese Foreign Ministry press secretary Takeshi Osuga has condemned Thursday's attacks on a Japanese-operated tanker near the Strait of Hormuz, calling it a threat to Japan's peace and prosperity.

Osuga , in a statement Friday, didn't identify a suspected attacker and pledged to continue gathering information and secure the safety of maritime navigation. He says: "Japan firmly condemns such attacks which threaten the safety of ships."

Osuga said safety in the Strait of Hormuz is crucial to Japan's energy security as well as to the peace and prosperity of the international community, including Japan.

A Japanese-operated tanker was targeted in a suspected attack Thursday near the Strait of Hormuz. The tanker company said some crewmembers saw "flying objects," possibly bullets, damage the tanker, not mines. All 21 Filipino sailors on the tanker were rescued.

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