It could take months to repair flooded roads in Ozark County, Mo.

OZARK COUNTY, Mo. -- While continuing to work on repairs from flooding in 2017, county commissioners in Ozark County are also dealing with road closures from last month's heavy rainfall.

This is Smokey Road or County Road 551 in Eastern Ozark County. Norfork Lake has backed up and as a result, this stretch of road that leads into Bakersfield is under water. Officials say it could be this way for weeks.

"It's quite a shortcut through here and it's very well traveled when it's usable," Presiding Commissioner John Turner said about Smokey Road.

Ozark County has roughly 750 miles of dirt or gravel county roads.

Presiding Commissioner John Turner says crews have been working long hours to repair roads, that aren't under water, that were damaged by last months flash floods.

"We just now got those fixed and we're going back to our normal maintenance routine," Turner added.

Smokey Road will be under for weeks, maybe months.

"This is lake backup water, Turner explained. It will stay up for several months and we'll have logs and debris and will have to remove it. I don't know if its damaged some of the asphalt and we'll have to repair that also. We'll just have to wait for the water to go down to see exactly what we're going to have to do."

A county road and bridge by Dawt Mill which was severely damaged by floods in 2017, is once again under water.

"Mother Nature and the 2017 floods took out so many trees that they just keep jamming under all of our county bridges and its constantly washing out the ends," Turner explained.

Turner says county roads by Bull Shoals in the western part of the county, are in the same shape.

"So we've got both sides of the county affected."

Turner says FEMA sent a check for nearly $170,000 recently that reimburses the county for work already done.

He estimates the county will be hauling gravel for the next 6 to 8 months to help repair roads.

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