Is your mower ready for spring?

OZARK, Mo.-- Spring is in the air, so it's mowing season. There are a few things you can do at home to prepare to avoid the long lines at the shop.

With phones ringing non-stop, and lines forming at the counter, business at Loftis Small Engine booms during the spring.

"It's a lot of business all at once it really is," said Loftis Small Engine owner Steve Loftis. "It get's a little stressful."

Loftis says it's normal this time of year with people bringing out those mowers.

"Crazy busy from all the service work that we got to do, the new sales, the repairs, because everyone's mowing grass now," explained Loftis.

Loftis says it's important to know what you can do to prepare your mower, Check your blades, it helps with healthy grass and the quality of your mower.

"Leave very little fuel in your mower going into fall, and then basically in the spring add fresh fuel to it," Loftis suggested.

This helps, so it doesn't cause engine problems.

Replace your spark plug too. It's beneficial to change them at the beginning of every mowing season. If the mower is still having trouble, you may want to get it serviced.

Loftis says year after year, it's the same things that they see the most..

"Basically carburetor related, people letting stale fuel stay in their mowers, low oil, They have to have oil," said Loftis.

Other ways you can make sure your mower is up and ready to go this spring is making sure your oil and oil filter is changed and your air filter is cleaned and replaced.

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