Inauguration protests erupt as demonstrators clash with police

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) Protesters created havoc across Washington on Inauguration Day, breaking windows and destroying property as President Donald Trump took the oath of office.

Police said 217 people were arrested Friday in the protests and demonstrations.

"We are disrupting the noise and interrupting what has become normal," said protester, Maria Alejandra Salas. "We are not allowing it to be peaceful when the Trump administration has not had a peaceful campaign."

Police used pepper spray and flash-bang grenades to hold back crowds. The conflict began early on Friday morning as demonstrators flooded the streets and blocked entrances to security checkpoints.

"There are protesters that are locked arm in arm, blocking people who have tickets and have a right to come into the swearing in, blocking them from getting through, said Beverly Schilero who came from Ohio for the inauguration.

Schilero says the human blockade got violent as her friend Judy attempted to get through the line.

“It took four police officers to get her through the protesters. They had her blocked up and pinned against the building," she explained.

There were about 60 demonstrations planned on Inauguration Day. Only about a dozen received permits for a specific gathering space.

"We are not sore losers we are just mad," said protester, Ward Kelsey, from Pittsburgh.

Kelsey says he accepts that Donald Trump is now his president, but wanted to make sure his voice was heard in a peaceful protest.

"People have spoken, I think they have made a very bad mistake I think we will come to see that in really short order," he said.

The nation's capital is now getting ready for another major demonstration on Saturday -- the Women's March.

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