Icy roads left behind cleanup for road crews

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Road signs on the ground needing attention from road crews is a common scene across the Ozarks. This is due to the hundreds of slide-offs that happened because of icy roads over the weekend.

Martin Gugel, assistant director with the City of Springfield said, "Crews were out all weekend just doing treatment, and so today has kind of been the cleanup for other items."

Crews in Springfield are making sure signs lost because of the freezing rain are being replaced.

"We prioritize those signs", Gugel said, "stop signs and yield signs get replaced first. Then, as we get to it, we will repair the other secondary signs."

These signs are priority for safety and liability reasons. The city depends on motorists to report it when one is down.

"People should never assume we know something has fallen down, or something is in disrepair," Gugel said.

Like everyone else, with this latest winter weather behind us, workers are more than ready for the cold icy days to be over.

"We're all ready for spring to come and get through this winter, and we're hopefully on the downward side of it." Gugel said.

All year round the City of Springfield responds to and repairs reports of street signs that need to replaced as well as potholes that need to be filled. You can contact them by calling 417-864-1010. They also recommend that you download their Smartphone app. This will allow you to automatically generate a work order using photos and your GPS location.

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