Human trafficking focus of KSPR News special report

You may not like to think it is happening in our backyard, but human trafficking is happening across the Ozarks.

“Missourian children are being taken left and right easily because all they gotta do is jump on the highway, go 90 to nothing and then they’re gone,” said human trafficking survivor, “Jane”.

Federal agents and even former trafficking slaves tell KSPR News they are hard to stop because they can be gone in a second.

“They come into an area two or three days, send out solicitations on social media, and get their johns to show up,” said ICE Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Gilbert Trill.

Sunday night, after the Academy Awards, KSPR News will take you inside the world of human trafficking in the Ozarks, how people are getting away with it, and how you can help stop it.