Laclede County sheriff believes body found in wooded area reported missing man

LEBANON, Mo. -- Detectives are trying to find out how a 62 year old man died in Laclede County. His body was found behind a home just outside of Lebanon this weekend.

The sheriff is calling the circumstances suspicious after the remains were discovered just on the northwest edge of town in the 1500 block of Brice Street. And investigators say they have a pretty good idea of who the body belongs to.

"If it is the person that the working theory is based on then they have been missing since the 15th of April," said Laclede County Sheriff David Millsap. "Now it wasn’t brought to our attention until the 6th of May."

If it is who Millsap thinks it is, the 62 year old man may have been trying to lay low.

"This person at that time had a warrant for their arrest also. So it is not unusual for somebody who has a warrant to be missing." explained Millsap.

And he considers the circumstances suspicious.

"It is suspicious because of where the remains were found." Millsap shared. "Anytime you find remains out in the woods it is certainly suspicious."

Megan Shea lives just across the road from the property where the remains were found and is a little uneasy about how close they were to her.

"I was a little bit shocked honestly. I mean I have heard of bodies being found around Lebanon, but I didn’t think that it would be close to my home." Shea said.

But even though the death is ruled suspicious, she isn't worried.

"They could have had health issues, they could have been on something. You just never know." said Shea.

Sheriff Millsap says that the state the body was in is making the investigation more difficult.

"​We have weather conditions, we have animals that intercede and spread out the remains. So those have become difficult part of this case and you literally have to put pieces together." Millsap added.

The sheriff said he is hoping the autopsy results can give them a better idea of how the person died and give them a positive ID.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Deputies in Laclede County are investigating a suspicious death of a 62-year-old man.

Investigators say the body was found in a wooded area just outside of Lebanon. The body was a few hundred yards away from a residential property.

Sheriff David Millsap says he believes he knows who it is. The sheriff says he believes it is the same man reported missing May 6. The sheriff would not share an identity, but said he had warrants for his arrest.

The Missouri Highway Patrol is assisting.

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