Lawmakers approve helmet law changes in Missouri

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. Legislators in Jefferson City Friday approved changes to Missouri's motorcycle helmet law. Now, the bill heads to the governor's desk.

Bikers at Denney's Harley-Davidson near Springfield expressed a variety of opinions, but many cited freedom as a priority. Several of Missouri's surrounding states do not require helmets, and many local riders believe it should be the rider's choice.

The proposed legislation, Senate Bill 147, would allow people 18 and up to go without a helmet if they carry insurance to cover an accident.

It passed the Senate Thursday, and was addressed in Friday's final session.

Riders in Springfield say they've seen similar legislation get this far multiple times, so they're not holding their breaths.

"Well, knowing the track record for the state, I've lived here 10 years and this is like the third or fourth time it's come up," said motorcyclist Paul Dale.

"It's gotten this far several times, but it's never actually been signed into law. So I don't know if it'll go through this time or not. If it goes through, that's great. If it doesn't go through, well there's always next year," said Dale.

The same legislation that would change the helmet law would also change laws about car inspections in Missouri. Vehicles wouldn't have to be inspected until they are 10 years old if they have fewer than 150,000 miles.

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