Harrison police give safety tips after two pipe bomb scares in two weeks

HARRISON, Ark. - A device was discovered on Arbor Drive by police during a traffic stop on August 20.

"They noticed this device in the vehicle. It was a PVC pipe that actually had a fuse coming out of one end of it," said Harrison Police Chief Chris Graddy.

Police had to call the Bentonville Bomb Squad to figure out what was inside.

"It was black powder in there with a fuse, but there was no shrapnel. If they had put any kind of shrapnel in there, it would have caused damage," Graddy said.

The second one was discovered by Lavita and Charlie Mills and their grandson at the skate park on September 1.

"Over the side where the concrete barrier is. Looked over the side and said wonder what that is," Lavita Mills said.

"He wanted to get down there and get it because he's only five so everything is - curious," Charlie Mills said.

The family then called police, who then called the Bentonville Bomb Squad again.

"It was painted camouflage, and it screwed on on both sides," Mills said. "One side had tape over the end of it like someone drilled a hole in it or something."

The police chief said the Mills did the right thing.

"Call us. Let us look at it. Don't touch it. Don't move it. Do not bring it to the police department," he said.

But the device ended up being just a container.

"This one had a definite odor of marijuana," Graddy said.

The last time Harrison police had to deal with a real pipe bomb was back in 2012.

The department also had a scare last year at Minnie Harris Park, and the bomb squad came in and destroyed the device.

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