Hailey's Law passes Missouri Senate, awaits Governor Parson's signature

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- A bill that would make it easier for police to issue alerts for child abductions in Missouri now awaits the signature of Governor Mike Parson.

Hailey's Law, named after 10-year-old Hailey Owens of Springfield, had been filed two previous times in the General Assembly, but had failed to be passed by both the House and Senate before the final day of the legislative session.

Owens was abducted, raped, and killed by her abductor, Craig Wood, in February 2014.

Hailey's Law will allow police to directly access the Amber Alert system electronically, eliminating the slow process of filing paperwork.

It would also integrate the state's Amber Alert System with the Missouri Uniform Law Enforcement System, known as MULES, and require Missouri's Amber Alert System Oversight Committee to meet at least once a year to discuss improvements to the Amber Alert system.

The bill, initially filed by Rep. Curtis Trent, R-Springfield, was added to House Bill 397, an omnibus bill which also establishes Simon's Law, which requires doctors to provide parental notification before placing do-not-resuscitate orders on children.

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