Gulf Shores woman talks about the hurricane's impact on the panhandle

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Gulf Shores, AL Other than protecting their property, survival is at the top of many peoples minds during a powerful storm like Michael.

One woman who lives in Gulf Shores, Alabama wasn't hit as hard as Panama City Beach, but still prepared for the worst and she stocked up on lots of food and water.

Before the storm hit yesterday, the surge got so high it came up to the roads.

She said a lot of people left their homes to prevent from being trapped in flooding or from storm damage.

Many gas stations in the area ran out of gas before the storm hit.

This is time of year is usually busy for areas like Destin and Panama City Beach, fall break is right now, so a lot of people were planning on going on vacation to those areas.

She says if the hurricane didn't shift direction, her home in Gulf Shores could have been right in its path.

"It really does make you really think I could walk away from my house and not know what I'm going to come back to," Teresa Denney, who lives in Gulf Shores, said. "There's going to probably going to be a lot of power lines down, probably no water, it's going to be flooded in most areas, it's going to definitely be hard to get to I'm sure even only emergency vehicles will be allowed to come on the site even in the morning."

Teresa says she has friends in Panama City Beach which took a direct hit from the storm.

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