Greene County Veterans Court honors World War II veteran

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Thursday marks the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, which started the U.S. involvement into World War II. Greene County veterans court held a special ceremony to honor one particular veteran and recognize the sacrifice of all veterans.

Greene County has a veterans court to help those veterans who are struggling work on their problems. But today was a special day, meant to inspire those veterans and give recognition to one very special man.

Commissioner Peggy Davis, who is the veterans court judge, organized the special ceremony today to recognize her Father. John Roy Dodson was a Staff Sergeant in the 25th Infantry Division of the Army in World War II. He was drafted at the age of 18 and says he saw many men die, but was honored to serve his country. Thursday, he received recognition from county, state, and federal leaders. Among his special gifts, a United States flag flown over the Capitol in Jefferson City and a quilt made by a Quilters Guild here in Springfield. Commissioner Davis says she wanted to do this today to recognize her father because his 94th birthday is coming up in just a few days.

"I thought it would be a really good opportunity, on this day especially, to honor his service," said Veterans Court Commissioner Peggy Davis. "He's one of so many people that gave everything for us, and it's nice he's still here. So it's not only for him, but to recognize the service of that generation."

The veterans court encourages mentorship, and commissioner Davis hopes her dad's story will help inspire those veterans going through the court.

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