Greene County Sheriff's Office reports success with new Fugitive Apprehension Unit

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- The Greene County Sheriff's Office unveiled a new unit focused on bringing those with outstanding warrants to justice.

The sheriff started the Fugitive Apprehension Unit in December. In just a few months, the eight person unit brought the number of active Greene County Warrants from about 15,500 down to 7,500.

Most of that has been through paperwork. The unit is reviewing those thousands of warrants and eliminating those that can no longer be prosecuted. Many of the warrants are 20 to 30 years-old. And a lot of them are for minor offenses like traffic violations. The unit has made some arrests for the more serious and violent crimes. It just made an arrest this morning on a suspect wanted for multiple fraud charges. And officers are getting ready to make more arrests.

"So once the warrants that are not valid anymore are eliminated, you can focus on the ones that are left, so you're not wasting as much manpower," said Major Royce Denny of the Greene County Sheriff's Office.

A half cent sales-tax passed in November 2017 made the unit possible. People who know they have an active Greene County warrant can save the unit the time and themselves some trouble if they contact the sheriff's office and take care of any active warrants now. You can search active Greene County warrants at the attached link.

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