Greene Co. Leads Mo. in Job Growth

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GREENE COUNTY, Mo. If you are looking for work in the Ozarks, opportunity is strong in Greene County.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics said Greene County experienced the largest weekly wage growth out of the whole state.

Chamber of Commerce President Matt Morrow said the organization helped Springfield outpace other Missourian cities by bringing ten companies to town. This created 516 new jobs.

He said more good news is on the horizon for local workers.

"That's really just the beginning. The next thing that happens is, as employers begin to compete for talent and for workforce, they add and get very creative in some solutions for their employees – even beyond wages," said Morrow.

He said the most growth in Greene County is in manufacturing. There have been 2,000 manufacturing jobs created.

Morrow said the chamber is currently working on about 16 projects – which could bring new job growth here.