Governor Greitens Hosting Facebook Live Town Hall Meeting

Jefferson City, MO If you have a question or suggestion for Missouri's Governor, you can do that Wednesday on Facebook.

At 11:30 am, Governor Eric Greitens will answer your questions on Facebook live. But, if you're busy then, don't worry, you can submit your question right now.

Head over to the Governor's Facebook page, you can find it just by searching Eric Greitens. Look for the blue checkmark next to his name, so you don't wind up posting on some scammer's site. The post is at the top, where he asks for your questions. Just comment below the post.

People across Missouri are already weighing in. Most people want to know what the Governor will do about Missouri State lawmaker Senator Maria Chapelle-Nadal's controversial post on President Donald Trump, the removal of Confederate monuments, and the cutting of the education budget.

This is the governor's third time answering questions on Facebook. Again, that gets going at 11:30am.

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