Gov. Greitens releases budget plan, addresses affair and alleged blackmail scandal

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- Governor Eric Greitens announced his budget proposal Monday.

Governor Eric Greitens (R-Mo) address media while announcing his budget proposal for fiscal year 2019.

In his proposal, Greitens said he wants to increase funding for elementary and secondary education, he announced additional funding to support Missouri’s "most vulnerable children", including $3.3 million in new funding to care for children who are abused or neglected, and removed from their homes.

Governor Greitens announced over $160 million in new funding to develop the states infrastructure, new funding for broadband internet in rural areas, and new funding for different public safety programs including new funding community based substance abuse treatment.

As the governor ended his announcement and started to field questions, focus shifted from the budget proposal to the scandal surrounding him, as Monday was the first time he’s faced media in public since news of an affair and alleged blackmail broke after his State of the State address nearly two weeks ago.

"There was no blackmail. There was no violence. There was no photograph for blackmail. There was no threat of using a photograph for blackmail. There was no threat of violence," Greitens said in response.

"I've addressed everything in the answers I just gave you, and in the interviews I gave over the weekend [to the Associated Press and KTVI]. We are now moving forward," Greitens added.

Last week, CNN reported the FBI had opened an inquiry into Greitens, but the governor said he has never been contacted by any federal authorities in regards to any investigation.

Greitens' office announced the governor's tax plan will be released sometime "early next week" with a tour around the state. He is expected to make a stop in Springfield.

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