Girlfriend of latest homicide victim in Springfield, Mo. wants justice

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Springfield police are still looking for the shooter in the city's latest homicide. Jordan L. Moore, 18, was shot Friday night and later died at the hospital.

Aaliyah Johnson is filled with grief, but she says she wants her boyfriend, Jordan, to be remembered, and she wants him to have justice.

Johnson says she can't share details as police search for answers, but she was with Jordan Friday night. "All I can really say is it was devastating. That will hurt me for the rest of my life, and I'll never forget him. Ever," Johnson says.

Jordan Moore was shot while in the driver's seat, the car parked on the street in 1900 block of North Colgate. Johnson says he died Sunday at the hospital. Police have not yet found a suspect.

"He deserves to have justice. It's not fair; he didn't deserve it, at all," Johnson says.

Johnson says they started dating nearly three years ago, split up for a while, then got back together. "Because we couldn't not be together," says Johnson. She says they were working together to improve their lives, and Jordan told her he wanted to be a firefighter.

"He always had a smile on his face, and it jut made my day. He was so sweet. Even though we argued, he was so sweet all the time. We'd always just bounce back, you know. He was such a good, loving person. He would do anything for anybody," says Johnson.

She looked forward to making a life with him, with her baby on the way.
"He wanted me to name him Jordan. He will get that. He will be named Jordan," says Johnson.

Now, she's forced to learn to live without him. Johnson says, "He was just like taken from me. But I have to be strong. I know he would want me to be strong and hold on, but just figure out who did this to him and why."

Springfield Police ask anyone with information to call them or Crimestoppers anonymously at (417)869-TIPS.

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