Getting your garden ready for spring

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Winter is beginning to finally fade away, and many will be using the nicer weather to prepare spring gardens.

"Quick as the ground dries up, we can start planting," said Don McElhaney, garden center manager at Wickman's Garden.

McElhaney says this is the best time to start planting. Even if the weather is still chilly, and the ground still damp from this week's rain.

"You know we're running behind this year," said McElhaney. "We're extremely wet, so you have to wait until it dries up, so start planting in your small stuff."

Plant shoppers, are keeping an eye on a few popular items too. With St. Patrick's Day just a few days away, people are lining up buying onions and of course potatoes. The earlier you plant those cold weather vegetables, the better.

McElhaney says you can plant your flowers, cold weather vegetables indoors using pots, or containers to make your garden. However, you don't want to plant your flowers outdoors this time of year. Bear Hanrahan who is from a family of farmers agrees.

"It's a little rough right now if you're going to go outside and start your garden," said Hanrahan. "There's some things you can get started like potato and onions, but anything leafy, or flowery it'll be a little rough until around April."

While Hanrahan isn't planting anything outdoors, he is preparing his indoor garden, and has a little advice.

"If you're looking to start some plants, start with succulents and cactus because they're really really easy to take care of and really hard to kill" said Hanrahan.

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