Gatley tenants go without power as new owners take over rental properties

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. More worries for tenants of a Springfield landlord who filed for bankruptcy.

People living in places previously owned by Chris Gatley may be left without power as new owners take over the properties. They say their monthly rent payments includes utilities.

Tenants at an apartment building on State Street near downtown were without power for a short time. Others may go through the same problems as the transition to new owners continues across the city.

"People pay their bills like they're supposed to, on-time and then get thrown into a situation like this," said Danny Sybolt.

Sabrina Letterman said, "Right now it's just a matter of getting by day to day."

They live in one of the properties once owned by Chris Gatley that's struggling to keep electrical power, gas and water in service.

"Chris Gatley had went in and them shut off in his name and we're waiting for the new owner get everything turned on in his name," said Letterman.

That's City Utilities' policy. They are obligated to fulfill a property owner's request to terminate service if they no longer own it.

Sybolt said, "We've reached out to City Utilities, everybody at the courthouse trying to find out who bought the place, when it's going to be transferred over. We're not getting anywhere."

We also looked to see who the new owner was. The county assessor's website isn't updated yet so we couldn't reach out to them.

Tenants said they were just told about the sale days ago.

"We have no choice but to just sit in the dark and wait for somebody to come to us," said Letterman.

Many others who live in a property that has been foreclosed on by banks Gatley owes money to may soon face the same problem.

"It's a bunch of crap, just because the people who live in these properties don't have a lot of money. These are properties that people can afford that are on disability that don't get squat," Letterman.

She said she had to trade her refrigerated food for non-perishables just to continue eating.

"We're just down to survival right now you know pride's kind of out the window," said Letterman.

Sybolt said, "This whole place needs help."

City Utilities verified that there are a few properties that are waiting to have accounts opened by new owners but couldn't go into details about who and when.

Our calls to 417 Rentals have not been returned.