Former inmate files federal lawsuit against the Texas Co. Sheriff and jail staff

TEXAS COUNTY, Mo. There's more trouble for the Texas County Sheriff’s Department.

An investigation of two employees at the department started in April.

Now, a federal lawsuit has been filed by a former inmate.

Harry Scheina says not only was he denied medical care, he accuses Sheriff James Sigman of making his condition worse. He says that no one at the jail would help him.

Scheina has a long criminal history dating back almost 20 years.

According to court records, he's been in and out of prison. He was most recently convicted of second degree burglary and stealing.

Facing 10 years, Scheina was sentenced to serve probation.

However that was revoked. He was sent back to the Texas County Jail before being transferred to state prison.

It was there that he says he was abused.

Scheina filed a complaint last month after he was moved to a state prison in Fulton, Missouri.

We obtained a copy of that four page complaint filed in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri.

It says that when Scheina was arrested he told two jail administrators, that his jaw was broken and surgery was already scheduled.

Scheina goes on to accuse the administrators and jail doctor of denying him proper medical treatment. He says they refused to take him to a doctor outside of the jail. That was in June of 2017.

Almost a year later, Scheina says that Sheriff James Sigman used 'excessive force' to restrain him, re-breaking his already injured jaw.

Scheina says the jail staff's negligence made his injury worse and he was denied a proper diet causing him digestive issues.

The documents say that the jail staff denied him his right to file a grievance against them.

Scheina is asking a federal judge to award him one million dollars, payment of all medical and psychiatric expenses. He also wants the judge to adjust the grievance procedures at the Texas County Jail.

We reached out to Sheriff James Sigman for his side of the story. Our calls have yet to be returned.

A court date for this case has not been set.