Keeping you safe at fireworks stands in the Ozarks

ROGERSVILLE, Mo. for the last two days Will Rodden has been sleeping in a fortress of fireworks in 90 degree heat.

"They're worried about people stealing the fireworks at night," said Rodden.

There's a lot of merchandise to protect . Thousands of fireworks that fill his tent in Rogersville, but he says these fireworks are safe.

"Unless someone actively tried to do something, there's no way these are goin off," said Rodden.

Fire fighters see it a different way. Firefighters say what's under this tent, can be just as dangerous as setting fireworks off yourself.
That's why before anyone can buy anything from a stand, they're checking them first.

"We wanna make sure it's all consumer grade fireworks, 1.4g, and that you're not tryin to sneak anything under here," said Rogersville Fire Chief Rob Talburt.

It's Talburt's job to make sure what stands are selling is legal in Greene county.

"It should be labeled on the packaging the individual product once it comes out," said Talburt.

The fire inspector says he also looks for things that can cause a firework to catch, like cars parked too close, or cigarettes.

"We have the parking back a certain distance, the no smoking signs, signs posted all around the tent, this is a dangerous environment so that's why we try to keep those ignition sources a good distance a way," said Talburt.

Since it's opening day, the fire inspector says he'll spend most of this week checking stands for those critical safety measures.

But Will Rodden says his fireworks are safe enough to sleep in.