Firefighters warn of frozen pond dangers

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo - With temperatures dropping into the single digits, we are beginning to see a change to open bodies of water in the Ozarks.

"You have got that ponds that freeze over, rivers that freeze over," said Capt. Grant Peters of the Logan-Rogersville Fire Protection District.

Capt. Peters and his team said the frozen bodies of water become a concern when they freeze over. He said children often play on the new thin ice and fall through into freezing water. Luckily, his team has not had to make any rescues this winter.

"We haven't had any, we have been pretty fortunate on that. I think the cold weather keeps people inside for the most part." Capt. Peters said.

A warm front is headed towards to the Ozarks and Peters said it will increase the dangers with ice.

"As the temperature warms up, more people will be getting outside because they have been stuck inside or someone thinks its safe because it has been cold but it has thawed," he said.

If you see someone fall into a frozen pond or river you should immediately call 911. Then try to find a rope or cord to throw to the person in the water as a way to pull them back onto the shore safely. A step ladder is also a common item which could be used to help pull the person to safety.

Peters said the best way to stay safe this winter is to avoiding frozen bodies of water all together.