Fire that killed woman in north Springfield started accidentally

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. Firefighters now say a deadly fire that killed an woman was an accident.

It happened on Springfield’s north side on Boonville near Kearney Street.

Firefighters have not yet said what kind of accident caused this fire, but you can look at the house and see where it started. The front window's burned and boarded up, and that's where the woman may have died.
Firefighters say the 81-year-old woman was confined to a bed in her living room. It looks like she couldn't get out fast enough when the fire broke out.

Investigators said she was also living by herself, and had no smoke alarms or sprinklers to warn her when the fire broke out just before 11 Wednesday night.

It was around the same time that neighbors said they heard something coming from the woman's house.

“My roommate's son said that he heard this big bang and that's when he heard fire trucks come about five minutes later and I was thinking, it could've been lightning, but I don't know for sure," said Erynn Bingham.

Firefighters said even though this was accidental, they don't think it was weather related. They say they'll release more about the cause and the woman's name once they autopsy is done.

This is the fourth deadly fire in Springfield this year. That's higher than the city's average of three deadly fires a year, and double the national average of deadly fires.