Fire destroys two homes near Morrisville

POLK COUNTY, Mo. The holiday weekend takes a tragic turn for two Polk County families after a fire destroys their homes.

The Colvard family has two houses on their property.

They celebrated Thanksgiving Friday and just finished their meal when they suddenly had to run for their lives.

Shelley Colvard said, "It was fast. It was very fast."

She said she didn't have much time to get everyone out of her house and her daughter's house next door, before the fire took over.

"Less than five minutes before. We had enough time. We saw the fire, we got the babies out. I went back and got the puppies and the mama. Then I picked up my dog and by the time I got out it was, yeah, it was terrible. Absolutely terrible," she said.

Nearby neighbors did what they could to protect their homes from the fire.

"Right now, as we get later into the year the grass is going to start drying off. When the grass dries off and it's not grass it's going be a lot more susceptible to burn and cause fires to spread much more quickly," said Dustin Kessler with the Morrisville Fire Protection District.

Crews from four fire companies and the Missouri Conservation Department fought the flames.

The high winds carried embers to a nearby hillside causing a few small grass fires.

Colvard and fire officials said this could all have been avoided.

"My husband was burning trash. It's dry and windy, a lot of leaves and trees" said Colvard.

Kessler said, "Be very diligent if they do choose to burn. Monitor the weather conditions and pay attention to the wind."

Colvard has this advice.

"Don't, which is what I tell my husband every time it's windy and he tries to burn. Don’t. It's just not worth it. You lose everything. You lose everything," she said.

She said it could have been worse.

"That's what matters, everybody made it out," said Colvard.

Her family is determined to stick together and rebuild.

"This ain't it. This is nothing. We'll get through it. We'll get through it. We're going to be stronger and better and we'll get through it. It's just going to be good, hard work and a lot of God's blessings to get something built down here but we will. We will. We'll be okay. We will be okay," she said.