Douglas County family offers $10,000 for killer's capture

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NEAR OLGA, Mo. -- The family of Lance Terrill is offering a $10,000 reward to help find whoever killed the 34-year-old.

Terrill was shot dead at his home in Douglas County.

Authorities say multiple people could have planned the shooting, but so far, no one has been charged in the crime.

It was one month ago that Terrill was murdered off Highway Z. His family says before the case grows too cold, they're hoping to offer some incentive for someone to come forward.

"These are the two bullets that actually struck the camp trailer," said Sheriff Chris Degase. He says the loss of one life is too many, but a killer, he says, could have easily claimed two more lives that October night.

"Those bullets missed those children that were in there asleep by mere feet," the sheriff explained.

A five and eight year old were in bed nearby, when their dad was shot.

"I went out and found him lying there," said Lance's dad Steve Terrill.
He is having an incredibly hard time-- harder yet knowing a killer is still out there.

"They flew off down that way and jumped the ditch.. and hit the highway and left," he said.

Steve and his wife heard the whole thing, but didn't see what was needed to capture those responsible.

"Somebody knows something... yes they do!" Steve said.

So on Monday, the Terrill's announced a pricey incentive for someone to come forward: $10,000.

"Lance had a good heart. He'd been in some trouble, yes, but anybody that needed help, he'd give them the shirt off his back," Mr. Terrill said.

The sheriff says one man who they think is involved, is in custody on unrelated charges-- he also thinks there are multiple more to come.

"We're looking at multiple people who were involved in this thing in some form or fashion," Sheriff Degase said.

The motive still somewhat of a mystery.

The 10-thousand dollars will go to anyone who has information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person, or people responsible.

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