Family of toddler beaten to death continue to wait for Dallas Co. prosecutor to file charges

DALLAS COUNTY, Mo. The family of a toddler murdered, nearly three months ago in Buffalo, say they want justice now.

No one has been charged for beating Kinzlea Kilgore's to death, leaving her family and the community wondering why.

The child's uncle, Dylan Daniel said, "85 days later, still nobody's charged for killing her. It's weird without her."

The two year old was brutally beaten and killed on May 13th.

"I don't get why somebody wasn't arrested that night. Kinzlea didn't deserve it," said Daniel.

He, along with the rest of her family, is still waiting for answers.

"It's keeping us from getting the little bit of closure we're going to get," he said.

Daniel said living with the loss of the toddler is almost unbearable.

"Some days I'm just angry. Other days I just, I don't know, I can't even function," he said.

He said he was hopeful that Kilgore's case would move forward after the man, his family believes, killed her was arrested in Greene County.

"The guy that killed her, everybody knows who it is, Kenneth. I went to his court date for his 8 year-old daughter that got beat. That could have been prevented. He did that after he killed Kinzlea. If he would have been charged then that 8 year-old would have been saved," he said.

Unfortunately the Dallas Prosecutor, Barbara Viets, still hasn't filed charges.

Kilgore's family, has lost their patience and appealed to Missouri Attorney General, Josh Hawley, for help.

Dylan said, "The Attorney General's Office has actually contacted Barbara's office. She does not want help with this case. They wanted to get involved with the case. Josh Hawley wanted to get involved. It makes me furious everyday. You can't just give it up to somebody else to get this baby justice than what are you doing?"

The Missouri State Auditor's Office is holding Dallas County under a microscope.

Nicole Galloway started a complete audit of county resources including the prosecutor's office at the beginning of July.

This hasn't been done since 2014.

The final report from that audit said the prosecuting attorney needs to establish procedures to file charges with the court in a timely manner.

"I just wonder how she would feel if this was her family," said Daniel.

Kilgore's family is holding out hope that the toddler will get justice.

"I don't think we will ever heal. We won't because this is not something you will ever forget but I think we'll have a lot more closure. She doesn't have a voice. We are her voice," he said.

Kilgore's family said that Buffalo Police Department has finished investigating her homicide. The lead investigator has turned the case over to Barbara Viets' office for prosecution.

Our calls to verify this have not been returned.

We also tried to call Viets for another update on this case. The last update given about a month ago said that Viets is still waiting for the investigation to be completed.

She hasn't returned our calls.

The state auditor's office expects to release their final report on the audit of Dallas County by the end of this year.