Families enjoy Stockton Lake beaches after flood waters recede

GREENFIELD, Mo. Stockton State Park is now off the list of closed beaches this summer.

Ruark Bluff East is one of the many beaches located on Stockton Lake.
The Missouri Department of Natural Resources closed it for weeks.

One visitor, Joseph Waeltermann, said he visits the beach three to four times a month, but with all of the flooding it hasn't been possible.

"Come out and have fun and enjoy yourself because it's ready, it's back to normal," said Waeltermann.

A month ago the water reached up towards the parking lot almost twenty feet, covering a nearby basketball court.

"It was high as that white rock over there, and it's taken every bit of two to two and a half weeks to come down," said Waeltermann.

On Sunday the court was dry and families could even utilize the picnic tables by the water again.

Waeltermann said his first thought when he heard the flood waters receded was to bring his family out for a barbecue.

The whole family gathered under one of the picnic areas after enjoying a long swim. Some of the kids said they have been waiting all summer to come out to the beach.

Waeltermann said he wants people to know the beach is no longer dangerous.

"Well, I'll see ya'll when you get here," he said.

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