Engraved bricks added to Boone County War Memorial in Arkansas

HARRISON, Ark. -- The Boone County War Memorial Association laid new bricks outside the county courthouse in Harrison this morning.

Each brick has the engraving of a soldier who was honorably discharged.

And the War Memorial Association is continually adding more.

The memorial was founded back in 1987, and bricks were installed a few years later.

Nine of the 30 bricks placed Thursday belong to Wayne Cone and his brothers and sister.

Cone served during Vietnam as a U.S. Army aviation veteran and said this moment means a lot to his family. ​

"We can talk about stuff like this that we've done in the family together. I just think it's very important that we remember that people served and died for us to be here today to be able to do this," Cone said.

Each brick costs $25, and you don't have to be from or live in Boone County to get one.

If you're interested in getting a brick for you or a loved one, you can contact the Boone County War Memorial Association at www.facebook.com/groups/292013847624274/

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