Drivers in the Ozarks feel the sticker shock of high gas prices

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. Chances are you've paid way more money for gas this week in the Ozarks than you expected.

Fuel prices across the country have jumped 10 cents or more a gallon this week.

The sticker shock has most people wondering why the price seems to be skyrocketing and if it will go up even more.

Debbra Boyle says, "It's ridiculous!"

"You can't plan for it. You wake up and there it is," says Mark Nobles.

Most people we talked to say are starting to pinch their pennies and waiting for the cost will level off.

Nobles says he fills his tank a little at a time, hoping the prices will go down.

"Ten dollars used to get me by for two or three days. Now it's once a day," he says.

Boyle drives into Springfield for work.

She says, "I live in Billings, twenty five miles away from here. About half of my check goes into gas. If it goes up anymore how are we going to afford to go to work?"

Middle East Studies Professor at Drury, Jeff VanDenBerg told us two weeks ago that President Trump's decision to pull out of the nuclear deal with Iran could affect what we pay at the pump.

"Part of the sanctions was relief, was allowing Iran to sell more oil to the international market. Likely, what one of the things that the president will do is tighten up those restrictions again which would mean probably a rise in prices," he explains.

Industry analysts say the hike may also be caused by higher crude oil prices and the switch to summer-grade gas.

"It doesn't matter. It's killing all of us," says Boyle.

Nobles says, "For most folks it's not in their budget. If somebody was on a fixed income I don't see how they'd ever make it."

Most people tell us they will be switching their driving habits until prices come down.

"In my personal vehicle I don't drive a lot when I'm not working," says Lola Ray.

Nobles says, "If it goes up even more, seriously, I just as soon walk than to pay it."

"Maybe I'll buy a horse and let it graze alongside of the road that way I'll get to work," says Boyle.

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