Dog being dumped in Greene County caught on camera

GREENE COUNTY, Mo. A video of a dog being dumped in an Ozarks neighborhood has sparked outrage on social media.

It happened Tuesday and was caught by a surveillance camera posted on a tree near a house in Greene County.

"It looked like it didn't belong there. It didn't have a collar so the first thing I did is I went inside to see what's going on. I looked at my security video," said homeowner, Glenn Blake.

He couldn't believe what he saw.

Blake asked, "What have they done and why have they done it?"

The video shows a woman letting a dog out of her car. She quickly drives away. The dog runs after her.

"I think either she was naive or just ignorant because you don't dump a dog out in this area and they're going to die of heat exhaustion or starve to death or get diseases. There's many better options than just saying, I'm going to dump my dog and it's going to run free. That's not going to happen," said Blake.

Deputy Shane Turner, with the Greene County Sheriff's Office said, "This is the first one for me in quite a while."

Turner answered Blake's call for help after seeing the dog on his home surveillance video.

"I was mad that somebody would actually do that. I'm a dog lover myself I have several," said Turner.

The deputy had trouple finding the dog near Blake's property.

"I just started right where the video showed the dog left, dropped off, drove up the street and came back. When I came back she was walking out of the ditch and laid out on the sidewalk by the roadway," explained Turner.

He also struggled to gain her trust.

Turner said, "She was scared. She wouldn't come to me. When I tried to approach her she just shook and would get up and walk backwards away from me. I don't have much room in my car but I knew I didn't want her to run away and get lost anywhere so I picked her up once I got her to trust me put her in my car, cranked the air conditioner and I took my styrofoam cup from Kum & Go, cut the top half of it off and kept filling it with water and let her get more hydrated and cool off. I sat there and petted her and rubbed her head while she was drinking water. She began to kiss me and lick me. You could tell she was starting to feel better that she was out of the heat."

Now the heat is on to find the person who dumped her.

"It's illegal. Animal abandonment, it's not right and we're going to investigate it to the fullest," said Turner.

Hope, about two years-old, is healthy, despite burns from the hot pavement on her two front paws. Rescue One in Springfield took care of her. She's now in a foster home. She'll have a second chance at life thanks to the men who saved her.

Blake said, "I just called 911 and posted the video. I'm getting a lot of credit probably more than is deserved."

"I don't consider myself a hero. I'm just an animal lover that didn't want to leave her here. I was going to take her home myself if nobody came out. I wasn't going to leave her," said Turner.

Applications to adopt Hope have flooded into Rescue One.

She won't officially get her new forever home until the sheriff's investigation is finished.