Dog abandoned, tied to a tree in the woods

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. Saved from an almost certain death, a West Highland White Terrier mix found abandoned in the woods is now safe.

Gary Daniels found the dog, now named Sasha, an estimated city block deep in heavy woods in Greene County near Republic.

On Tuesday, Daniels retraced his steps for KSPR. He said it started last week, when neighbors noticed a woman walking a dog down the street, but came back alone.

"We heard the dog barking off in the woods there. I kept following the sounds because I could hear the dog barking back there," Daniels said.

He searched for days.

"I decided to take the first trail that way, where the deer cross," Daniels said.

It had been six days since neighbors saw the woman walk in that direction with the dog, but he didn't hear any barking until almost a week.

"She was tied to that tree over there with a cable and tangled up around this root here where you can see all the bark is gone on it. No food, no water. My son's girlfriend ... called Rescue One," Daniels said.

Stephanie Shelton is the President of Rescue One, she drove out to the woods where Sasha was tied.

"A lot of mud. No food or water bowls, and she had a shoelace tied around her neck in all these knots with a dog cable attached to the tree, several times," Shelton explained. "I'm just surprised she didn't get eaten by a coyote, or attacked by other dogs."

"Why would she tie it to a tree where no one could see it or rescue it? If she didn't want the dog she should have taken it somewhere they would take care of the dog," Daniels said.

Daniels now has these words for the woman who left Sasha to die in the woods.

"You don't deserve a dog. A dog is a man's best friend, take care of it, feed it, love it. Don't take it in the woods and leave it. Would you do your kids that way? No," Daniels said.

"She'll make a wonderful family dog, very playful, very smart and as you can see very lovable," said Julie Bryant, Vice President of Rescue One.

Sasha will be up for adoption in a couple of weeks.

The woman believed to have left Sasha in the woods is described as older with dark brown hair, wearing darker clothes, including black running tights.

According to the Greene County Sheriff's Office, if caught, she could face animal neglect charges. If you have any information on this case, you are asked to call the GC Sheriff's Office.