Do you stop for pedestrians? Springfield's latest traffic study numbers are in

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- The city of Springfield continues to conduct compliance checks at crosswalks throughout town. The first quarter numbers are in showing how often drivers stopped at crosswalks:

Commercial St. near Boonville - 69 percent
Kimbrough Ave. near Grand - 27 percent
Bennett St. at Delaware - 23 percent
Grant Ave. near Talmage -11 percent
Grant Ave. at Madison - 9 percent
Ingram Mill at Seneca - 8 percent

Mandy Buettgen, Traffic Safety Professional with the city of Springfield, says they are aiming for 100 percent compliance.

"We're just trying to get that message out that drivers need to stop for pedestrians," Buettgen said.

Wednesday afternoon, Buettgen and her team conducted another study for the second quarter at Bennett St. and Delaware. Patiently, they waited for drivers to come to a complete stop so they could cross.

"A public work employee in plain clothing approaches the crosswalk in timing that he will get to a crosswalk when the car is about 200-feet away," Buettgen said. "That gives the driver plenty of time to respond and break and yield to the pedestrian."

They found drivers stopped 25 percent of the time, a two percent increase from the first quarter. Buettgen and her team will continue their study at random crosswalks in Springfield.

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