Do you know how to handle a traffic stop?

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. Do you know exactly what to do if an officer pulls you over?

One Missouri lawmaker says not enough drivers know how to handle a traffic stop, and she’s working to do something about it.

Missouri Representative Gretchen Bangert says it should be part of the curriculum in drivers ed, and everyone who takes a driving test at the DMV should be required to watch an educational video about traffic stops.

“I think it’s needed. I think that it’ll make our drivers educated, and I hope that it improves relationships with everybody,” said Bangert.

She says getting pulled over can be stressful for teens, and even grown adults.

“Your heart starts beating, and the first thing you want to do is start digging in your glove box for stuff, and what’s a policeman going to think when you’re digging in your car?” she asked.

Bangert says she got the idea from lawmakers in Illinois, who were working to pass a similar bill. She introduced a bill about traffic stop education during the 2017 session, and she says she plans to introduce it again in January with hopes that it’ll make more progress.