Divers search a pond for a missing Pulaski County man

PULASKI COUNTY, Mo. An intense search for clues months after a man from the Ozarks vanished.

Investigators have been combing Pulaski County since Alex Valverde disappeared in July.

Friday, the search focused on a pond in a very rural area.

"It's been nearly 3 months since Alex Valverde disappeared. He hasn't made contact with his family. No one has seen him.

"We immediately began to think that something was wrong," says Officer Anthony Williams with Crocker Police.

Valverde's car was found ditched at a family member’s house in Swedeborg.

"At least one of us is actively, every day following leads, making phone calls, running background checks on different people we have come across to try to make sense of the lead and to see if and where it falls into the case," says Williams.

The car was miles away from his home in Crocker.

Williams says, "A lot of times in a case like this there are so many rumors. We take it seriously enough. Although we feel that it may be just a rumor we feel like the one lead or the one rumor that we don't follow up on is the one that we should have followed up on."

Most of their search has been in rural parts of the county.

A pond off Buffalo Road has been brought to the attention of investigators three times. It's the second pond on private property in Pulaski County to be searched.

"Whether or not he left this pond is up in the air," says Williams.

A team of divers set out to search the pond. Police were told that Valverde may have been fishing there with a friend before he disappeared.

Williams says, "It's a constant, move forward and go back to try to wrap things together to either bring us to the conclusion that we need or to take us to another lead."

This case has been especially hard on investigators.

I'm a father. I can't imagine, what it would be like. So I put in countless hours away from my family, away from my little boy and my wife and kids, simply because I know what I would want. It's tough but myself and the rest of the department is committed to finding some kind of answers somewhere. We're not going to stop until we do," explains Williams.

Investigators are hoping anyone with information will come forward. Crocker Police have a Facebook page where anyone can leave an anonymous message.

You can also contact investigators at 573-502-3803 or 505-400-8731 with information.

The dive team didn't find Alex Valverde or any evidence in the pond.

Police will be searching local caves next.